Why Give?

In June 2014, a survey was conducted on the City's Parks and Recreation Facebook page asking for public input on the community's recreational needs. The results of that survey indicated that 92% of 880 respondents either agreed or agreed strongly that Edwardsville would benefit from additional recreational facilities. Furthermore, these respondents indicated that aside from grant money, they would prefer sponsorships and donations as the secondary funding source. Not tax dollars and not city funds . . . but donations from recreational and sports enthusiasts willing to support more facilities for area residents to stay active and healthy.

The Need

The Edwardsville/Glen Carbon area is already a wonderful place to call home but what it lacks are places to play . . . places for small children to safely splash around in the water, places for sports teams to join together at a state-of-the-art, regulation soccer/baseball facility to compete and hone their skills, and a place for hockey and ice skaters to hit the ice early without traveling 20 miles or more for expensive ice time.

The Impact

By donating to the "A Better Place to Play" campaign, you will not only keep our athletes from having to travel outside of the Ed/Glen area, but you will also be contributing to the economic impact that these facilities will help bring to our communities. Think of it like this: When our families are forced to leave the area to rent time at competitive level ball fields, soccer fields or ice rinks, or go to a splash pad in a neighboring town, they spend their dollars elsewhere. They go to lunch, they shop at other stores and they pay to rent facilities where they could be contributing to facilities in their own community. We have an opportunity to keep those dollars and our families enjoying recreation in our own community.

When your community is happy, people notice. The Edwardsville-Glen Carbon area is rich with volunteerism, new business opportunities, parks, and wonderful schools. Those of us that live here know it’s a great place for families and to achieve a better quality of life. But, it doesn’t stop there. Building new sports venues and park attractions will make a positive economic impact on our community, bringing to our area not just simple amenities but fulfilling a bigger picture.

Tournaments, competitions, and continued word-of-mouth about our great restaurants, shopping and entertainment makes these new facilities money-generating tourism opportunities. Tourism is yet another reason the new sports developments and splash pad will succeed, making our town not just a better place to play, but a better place to prosper.

Be a Major Donor

While any level of donation is appreciated, sponsorship levels are available to corporate sponsors or private citizens to help fund the development of these projects. All sponsorships and donations are tax deductible.

Find Out About Sponsorships

Leon Corlew Park & Splash Pad

Ice Rink/Teen Complex

Sports Park