New Edwardsville Splash Park Officially Named

The new Spray and Play Park in Edwardsville finally has a name. The Edwardsville City Council approved the park’s name: Leon Corlew Park. Corlew served as an alderman on the Planning Commission and was also a member of the Edwardsville Rotary Club for 50 years.

A petition was submitted to the Administrative and Community Services department due to Corlew’s significant contributions made to city park development. When Corlew passed in 2008, he left nearly $700,000 to the City. Alderman Barb Stamer expressed great appreciation for Leon Corlew. “Mr. Corlew bequeathed a large percentage of his estate for city parks. He loved Edwardsville. He loved green space. His gift is the largest gift or donation ever given to the City of Edwardsville.”

The Leon Corlew Park is located at the intersection of South Main and Schwarz streets, serving area residents. The park will feature a large playground, a splash pad, and a fitness trail with workout stations. Once completed, the ADA compliant park will also include shade structures, pavilions, restrooms, and a butterfly garden. The Leon Corlew Park is expected to open summer 2016.

The A Better Place to Play Campaign is currently raising money for three parks projects in development, with the Leon Corlew Park being the first one completed. The other parks in development include a Sports Park and an Ice Rink/Teen Center. Additional information about all parks projects are available on the campaign website at

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