Is my donation tax deductible?

Yes, all donations to the Better Place to Play Campaign are tax deductible.

What happens if I make a donation but the goal is not met?

Multiple sources of revenue will be utilized for completing the three projects and we are very confident that we will reach or exceed our goals given the amount of interest in these projects. If the cost for a single project exceeds the dollars we are able to collect from grants, donations, existing funds, and non-property tax funds, then the donations received through the “Donate to All Three Projects” Account can be used to fund any of the projects that have not met their goal.

Can an individual make a donation?

All individuals in our community and beyond can make a donation to the Better Place to Play Campaign.

Can a company make a donation and how will we be recognized?

Yes, corporate and private sponsorship levels are available to help fund the development of these projects. All sponsorships and donations are tax deductible. Please visit our “Sponsorship Page” for specific information on sponsorship levels along with ways your business or person can be recognized in the community.

What is the smallest level of giving?

No amount of contribution is too small or too large. While specific levels of contributions can be made for naming rights, any donation moves us closer to our goal. With each donation, you are making an investment in local parks and recreation and helping fund fun for everyone.

If funded through this effort, how will the maintenance of these facilities be funded? Will tax dollars be used?

Your sponsorship and donations are important to build our park infrastructure. Maintenance of these facilities will be funded through the existing park levy and user fees. New tax dollars may not be necessary. Once funded, tournaments, events, and ice time fees will help pay for the facilities in general.

Will the addition of these facilities cause our real estate taxes to increase?

A Better Place to Play Campaign is relying on grants and donations, not new tax dollars. The heart of this campaign is based on feedback from residents wanting more recreational facilities like ball fields and a ice rink/teen center. These facilities will positively impact our community as they keep dollars local and bring in families and teams from other towns...people that will be eating in our restaurants, shopping at our stores and staying overnight at our hotels. Grant funding will be used as well as monies made available from other local, county and state entities that will use or support each of the new projects.

Does Edwardsville really need these facilities?

Last year a survey was conducted on the City's Parks and Recreation Facebook page asking for public input on the community's recreational needs. The results of that survey indicated that 92% of 880 respondents either agreed or agreed strongly that Edwardsville would benefit from additional recreational facilities.

What if I can’t decide which facility I want to support? Can I make a general donation?

Yes, individuals and corporations alike can make a general donation to the “All Three” campaign account and it will be used as general campaign funds.

My family would like to make a donation in our family name. What options are available to accommodate our request?

Please review the “Sponsorship Page” for more details on the many options available for your family.

My company/family would like naming rights of one of the facilities. Are naming rights available and at what level of giving?

Yes, naming rights are available and have been designated based on the level of giving. Please visit the “Sponsorship Page” for more detailed information. If you have further questions, please contact The City of Edwardsville at (618) 692-7538.

Why is the ice rink located on District #7 grounds and what tax implications does that cause?

The vision for the ice rink/teen center was for a regional facility to benefit the residents of Edwardsville, Glen Carbon, Edwardsville Township, and the entire county. Students can have easy access to this location for physical education or after school studying. The location off Governor’s Parkway will provide quick access to the MCT bike trail system and be convenient for SIUE athletes/students. The ground was provided for a $1/year lease.

There is already an abundance of traffic on Center Grove Road. How will the increase in traffic be accounted for now that there are three major sports facilities being utilized within the Sports Park?

Access will be off Governor’s Parkway and the additional parking should benefit Little Tiger Football and EHS track events.

What levels of ball play are allowed at the new baseball fields? Will it accommodate all levels from little league to college play?

Yes, the ball fields will accommodate all levels of play from children newly introduced to the wonderful sport of baseball until adulthood. Many can attest that there is a need for more baseball and soccer fields in our area, and this campaign intends to build true, technology-driven recreational assets for families to enjoy for years to come.

Why do we need more baseball and soccer fields and how will these be different?

As our community continues to grow, more baseball and soccer fields are necessary to accommodate the need. Also home to SIUE and District #7, more children (and adults) are invested in baseball and soccer than ever before. In addition, these new fields will bring in additional revenue for Edwardsville and Glen Carbon, offering larger, regulation and state-of-the-art fields for players near and far as well as those with disabilities.

Will there be a fee to access the splash pad?

No, the splash pad and surrounding park including walking trail will be free for all to enjoy and will not include an admission fee.

What happens to the money that is exchanged for ice time at the ice rink and field time at the ball fields? Will the City be able to collect revenue from their use?

The ice rink and fields will be maintained and utilized through money collected, operating much like any for-profit business would. Tournaments, food/concession sales, and paying for ice time and/or field time will go towards the upkeep of the facilities, managing them, and paying for any employees providing the services.

Be a Major Donor

While any level of donation is appreciated, sponsorship levels are available to corporate sponsors or private citizens to help fund the development of these projects. All sponsorships and donations are tax deductible.

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